Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New House? Decorating With Garage Sales

We've had a busy summer, selling our home and moving into a new place out in the country. A new house always means some things have to go and others have to be added, so being the dedicated garage salers we are, we're making a list of what to start looking for.

- Big plant pots. We have a big, rock porch and need something out there. The big, decorative pots are pricey! But not at a garage sale.

- Lamps. Yes, you'd think we'd have plenty, but when things are rearranged in a new house, some things don't work anymore.

- A nice accent piece for a long, granite counter.

- Rustic back porch furniture. We already had a patio set, but this house has an upper rock deck off to the side where that went. Now we need something additional for a rustic, wood deck. We'd love to stumble upon some vintage tin signs to put out there, too.

- A long, console table for a big, long hallway and a nice folk art piece to put above it.

These are all things we will be able to find for great garage sale prices, if we're patient and wait for the right things. Patience is the key here. Until then, we have plenty to do with a paintbrush!

If you're thinking about decorating a new house and the price seems overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. Just be patient and start hitting those garage sales. The right pieces will be there. Craigslist is another great resource if your patience starts to wear thin! Happy shopping.