Friday, November 2, 2012

The "Do Not Buy" List

Well, another weekend is here, and with it, another round of garage sales. But are there some items that could actually be dangerous to buy at garage sales?

A Reader's Digest article lists things to avoid at garage sales, including hats, bike helmets, plasma TV's, mattresses and more. They make good points and you can read it here.

It is possible to consider buying a few of these things if you take the proper precautions. For example, finding a great buy on a fairly new model baby crib is doable, I think, IF you follow the advice in our book and check online for recalls first. Of course, you'll want to look over the piece carefully for any missing or defective parts, too.

Saving money is great, but using common sense when buying products that could harbor pests or have safety issues is priority one.

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